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Rex Wrter @gaeds

So, recently I figured out that there was no way that the person that I’m in love with has no chance of being interested in me. This looks complicated, but it is simple, especially for me. He is not interested. And then, I thought about ways to manipulate people around him, just to make him think a little more clearly. He already had a girlfriend, but as I stalked one of his friends with him, I learned that he uses her as a showoff prop. That may seem weird, and it kind of is. He wasn’t in love with her in the first place. So there might be a chance for me, right? Nope. This may be a never ending cycle. He has a lot of girls drooling all over him, when he decides to break up with one, he can quickly find another. All those good looking, cute, rich girls… I couldn’t be one of them. But I could pretend that I was one of them. Just like every other girl did. But then I thought, if he isn’t going to love me actually, wouldn’t all that effort go to waste? Considering that I’m quite ugly, and not rich enough to look cute with expensive stuff, and even if I was, still wouldn’t be as attractive, I accepted my fate. I am ugly. There is nothing else to do, other than not giving a shit about love. Really, I mean it. If you are lucky, guys are going to love you and if not, shame on you. This world is not fair, and it is neither my or his fault. So, at the end, I came to the conclusion that love itself isn’t meant for me. And somehow, it has nothing to do with a spesific person. Now, I know it. The next step is to actually acknowledge it and stop hoping that he will love me back one day. How can I make that proccess easier?

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Hey z,calm down.


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