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So real quick I really wanted this to share currently I m overthinking you guys can help me with what u all feel about the scenario given below

Today in a teams meeting call wer v as a team wer doing some mock assessment wer In a team mate made it very funny v all were laughing but he closed his exam really well kudos
While all were laughing on cam I just in fun context commented something in a flow
Trainer got upset ki jitne bhi hass rahe hai na apna mu dekhlo and what I feel is ki mai unki nazar mai aagayi ab

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Yes, you’re overthinking it. You all were laughing were having a good time, it’s okay the trainer didn’t like that, that’s okay to, I’m sure she’ll not remember this incident after few days, she’ll have other students to train too. Soo just don’t think about it too much.

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Ajay Mv @the_aj_division

If your trainer hasn’t followed up with you on it yet, maybe he/she was just trying to set some boundaries on what’s allowed and what’s not.

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