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So my oldest brother had a graduation ceremony the other day. My mom and i made posters, she finished two posters really quickly, me on the other hand took 3 hours on my poster. I am am an artist and i`d say im pretty talented, so naturally I wanted it to be perfect. I took the time to perfect it . We made these the same day that the ceremony was , so my mother kept rushing me and mentioning things like ¨Hurry up ¨ ¨it doesn’t take that long to make one dumb poster¨ and just constantly criticizing me. Even after i finished it on time she never praised me.

  These days i haven't been enjoying drawing or painting because I have bad anxiety and it 

stresses me out, But i feel like I have to draw because its the only thing i’m good at. Both of
my brothers have something special: The oldest, that graduated, is extremely intelligent and knows everything about almost anything, My other older brother, who is a junior in HS, is
a Famous Sled hockey goalie. He has hundreds of trophies and medals, has been on TV
multiple times, ect. I`m just the youngest and the only girl. I haven’t accomplished anything
, all i wanna do is make my mother proud but we always get into arguments.

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Hey, there’s actually a syndrome called middle child syndrome which describes your condition. However I don’t want to make it sound like a big problem but what I can tell you this happens a lot frequently among siblings, you feel like you’re not good enough, or just the plain fact that your parents don’t like you. I am not sure about the severity in your case but I would really love to help you and don’t hesitate to reach out to me @zachlhongsern on Instagram if you have one or my email . I think it would be better for me to talk and give you some advice if I had a little more insight as sometimes, not to blame you, we as humans tend to be blinded by the bad and ugly things other people say and forget about the good in them. However it’s totally fine if you do not wish to reach out. All I can say is that while you should never do things to satisfy your parents you need to acknowledge that what your parents perceive as best for you, may not be what you want best for yourself. I’m not saying to rebel against your parents, but rather try to negotiate with them and tell them how you feel about everything. Lastly, continue your passion, don’t stop painting. If you believe that it is what you’re good at, don’t let anyone stop you from doing it. Because personally I believe that at the end of the day, few years down the road, if you’re able to excel in the field that you love, your parents would still be equally proud of you. Stay strong sister.


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