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So my mother is as condescending, shaming and verbally abusive as its gets. Remember, abuse comes in many ways. This is to the worst Diwali ever. If you are a mid twenty someone whose parent/parents are verbally and emotionally abusive, not to mention relentless in their pursuit to make you seem like a bad guy under the guise of being a working parent, how do you deal with it? This is every year, every day. Just today, I was shamed for petting a dog and not working, leaving her to work all alone. Keep in mind, I helped her clean the entire house and gave up on th decorating when she butt in about ten times and critiqued my work. She disgueses this under the garb of “I dont unnecessarily praise my children and boost their ego. I keep it real and tell them their mistakes.” She forgot " I never appreciate them too and I tear them down by saying the most vile crude things in private and escalating fights. I cant do this.

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That’s downright disappointing and difficult to take. There’s only a limit up to which it is justified or healthy…


Ahh, i feel you. Same thing goes with my parents. They never miss a chance to criticize my work , specially my mom. Even if i do something good, she’s always there to tell me how i could have done it better. Its natural for kids to seek appreciation from there parents every now and then. As much as i appreciate constructive criticism, i can’t take someone constantly downplaying me. Earlier i used to argue with her, but with time i learnt how useless this is. Now i ignore her comments and mind my own business…its the best i can do. Hope you’ll find your way out!


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