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so my mama got this boyfriend and like I hate him I hate everything about him & the bad part is my mama let his dumb alcoholic ass come stay with us like gtf . And she been acting different ever since like when he gone vs when she here the house is different like she really doing that bad she basically picking a man over her own 2 kids didn’t even ask out opinion … smh I never was really close with my daddy but we talking and I’m thinking about let him get custody of me cause I swear ion wanna be over here nomore … cause of a Man I hate his fucking guts … ✌🏾 Anyways but I just started a new job out here and my daddy lives in carencro plus school about to start back and with the virus going around I’m not tryna go back to school or nothing idk man I really ain’t tryna stay to this hell hole

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Avtar @avtar

What are you expecting now from this platform ???


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