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So my girlfriend and I broke up there’s a long story behind it i’ll talk about it near the end of this post, right now i need help with my decisions, i told her my goodbyes, she responded with “are you giving up?” and i said that it was really hard for me to let go, she then responded with the same thing but then she offered that we should go meet after this whole pandemic is over (which would probably take a very long time) and i just don’t know how to really feel about this not to mention her dad now also hates me cuz of the recent thing that happened where i still went by and deliver her Clothing that my cousin borrowed and decided to buy some Food along with it despite being warned by my GF and her Mother about his Dad freaking out too much because he’s too strict of a father and too paranoid over the pandemic (which is understandable) but her father did something wrong to me too i was with my family that day and our main destination was to actually visit my Mother’s grave and thought that since we have the chance to go out we decided to give her the clothes before it gets worn out or something on our house along the way, i thought that a quick drop by wouldn’t make him sooo mad since when they warned me it was because i told my GF i wanted to visit and stay for a moment so yeah i really thought that a very quick drop by wouldn’t hurt and we are applying social distancing inside our car, sanitized the things we are going to give to my GF ofc the food we can only sanitize the packaging but it was from McDonalds so we’re somehow sure that no one coughed on the food or something, while my family was watching me deliver it her father angrily accepts it and kicked the gate (my fam almost went down the car out of disrespect but thankfully they didn’t) and then later on i learned that her father has thrown the food which sucks since if he doesn’t want my GF to eat it from fearing that it might be contaminated or just pure anger he shouldn’t have accepted the food and just grabbed the clothing only instead.
By the way uhmm before this happened me and my GF were already in that “break up/cool-off” thing so the father issue got added.
my question is that is it really worth to still hope on our meeting ? she did say she loves me but idk it kinda feels really confusing, also what will be the situation if ever we go back together now her father would hate my guts because he even told my GF or should i say my Ex to block me but she didn’t, i really don’t know how to face a father problem like that if we ever go back to being in our old relationship, her mother on the other hand is very nice and did apologize to my family and me ofc i did apologize to my Ex and her Mom about disrespecting her father’s word but yeah i am currently lost.
She wants us to still talk while being just friends right now but it’s kinda really hard and uncomfy sometimes, she sometimes give hints of care or looking forward on the after quarantine meetup but… do you think i should ignore her for idk maybe a day and see if she cares or miss me ? tho i am scared that she might not.

I want to talk about what happened before the dad issue and why we broke up
so for short i did accidental rude or disrespectful words/moments/actions to her in some cases but ofc i never really wanted to make her feel bad, arguments caused those of course and yeah, but then there’s also one thing that is playing a big role atm as to why we had i believe the last fight before we broke up, we met an online person on a game for short i was uncomfy about the guy because he obviously treats my GF/Ex different than me, but my Ex still seems to be entertaining him even tho i showed her so many signs that i am uncomfortable signs and talks but yeah one day i was shocked the guy knows about my personal project of doing art and that’s where i lost my cool since my Ex seems to be growing closer to the guy even if i was uncomfortable, i ended up leaving our guild that day and some other rude or disrespectful things and lol of course she grew even closer to the guy.
during her online exams week she was cold, i thought she was just busy but then when we called each other that’s where she explained that she wants to find herself etc. tbh to me those are just substitute words to make things feel a bit less hurtful but yeah anyway it’s still a break up. (she also said that i’ll hate her because she answered the guy’s discord call, and that i will never trust her anymore)
so i was still disturbed with her playing with that guy a lot then ofc i addressed her that,
i tried to be mature and agree with her that he’s just a close virtual friend who is from another country, but they started hiding from me so it hurt me a lot when i found it out but then my Ex finally told the guy about me being uncomfy, we cleared things up that he doesn’t have a thing for my Ex nor does my Ex and that they only hid because they thought it’ll make me feel a bit better not seeing them play together (also they lift their offline mode and now i hope it stays true like that), but right now i am still uncomfortable by the way that i kinda lost even more trust on her due to her lying about it i even played with them that time but i can obviously sense that they are whispering each other then suspiciously one went offline with a fishy excuse sadly i am saw the guy’s location before he went invisible and after that it matched my Ex’s current ingame location hence i confronted her and that leaded to the clarification.

i’m messed up i really don’t know how to cope up with everything happening right now i still love her but at the same time really sad about what she did, she’s a good person tho she’s not like my old lover who does things worse than my currently Ex GF’s lies.

i really don’t know everywhere i go i see our memories and love and it’s so hard to let things go aswell i’m just really really lost right now :(

also what if we went back again and her father just goes nuts if he’s still mad at me even after quarantine and found out that she’s still dating me ?

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About your girlfriend try to trust her more and SHOW her that you believe in her being loyal. Talk more often to her and ask her what really is going on her mind. And be honest with her and yourself, take your time (the time until your meeting) to find out what you REALLY want. Wether be together again or break up for real. Also, her dad. Is he scary? U know like scary creepy scary type or just overprotective scary ? If he isn’t “scary creepy scary type” then maybe You can talk to him why he hates you soo much. And what his issues is with you guys being together. Hope things will work out for ya ☺️


the Dad is overprotected not sure about the scary part, it was my fault why her dad got mad because i disobeyed his wish but yeah i really thought a quick delivery wouldn’t hurt but sadly it was a really big deal for the Dad. Her Dad doesnt really hate me before that incident happen but yeah i was really dumb :c
I honestly wish if we ever go back together, her Dad respects her Daughter’s relationship, funny thing is the Dad was kinda shy or somethin even tho i wanted to meet him he just hides btw that incident was the first time i saw her father, I did spend alot of time together with her Mom tho, i hope her Mom convinces her Dad. :(


One more thing is that i doubt i’ll ever be okay with the Gaming friend guy issue because ofc i will feel jealous that She’s playing and actually enjoying the game with him rather than me which was also might fault but i can’t really change that now and i feel really bad


I told her this:

i am glad you are happy specially now when im gone and you seem pretty complete without me,
but even if we end up together again it is a Fact that you will never spend time with me again like we used to before sadly.

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Oh I see. Yh I hope things will work out for you and that her dad accepts the two You being together and u know respect that decision. Also, hey…don’t blame it all on yourself. You didn’t want to make her dad mad, you didn’t know he would act like that. He might had a bad day or wasn’t in a good mood at the moment. So don’t call yourself dumb and don’t blame yourself ☺️. And about what you told her…did she answer you back?


She said that i am free to go if i couldn’t handle things, I should learn to love others but not forget to love myself, and that i shouldn’t make her my world for she is just a person and i have to be patient because love is patient. it did make me realize things. She is still meeting up with me after Quarantine tho i still hope this Pandemics ends asap not only because of the relationship prob but for the whole world as well. Thank you everyone for the comments!

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U know I just realized that she cares about you and wants you to love yourself no matter what. She is keeper and for me it seems like you care about her too and that you love her. I must say you two for sure makes a cute and adorable couple😊. Because she cares enough and is willing to let you go if it gets too much for you probably because she doesn’t want you to be sad or see you in pain. I’m sure both of you work things out between you and get together again ^_^. Also, don’t wowwy about her dad he will understand you guys decision and will respect it! Wish you all luck and stay safe ☺️.


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