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So my family wants me to get into relationship like a serious one they know I go on date with guys but I don’t keep anything serious. I had few relationships in past but all of them were asses n cheated up on me. Now I’m really scared of getting into these things, I don’t want attachments from anyone whenever I feel I’m getting attached to someone I start keeping distance with. But I can’t convince this to them. I have a really good life nice income all luxury whatever I want. Almost everyone from my friend circle is in relationship. Like my family knew I was in relationship with someone but they only know about one of it n that was my first one after that I didn’t told them about the others. N I just can’t explain my situation to them. I’m happy with what I’m but they feel the need for me to have someone into like marriage but at least relationship.😔

Post anonymously?

Dude just dont go on relationship for thr sake of going one even when your family is forcing.

you have to spend your rest of the life with that person, choose wisely and patiently.

wrong relationship can completely ruin you.


Yeah true thankss


Its nothing serious u did what u did and u don’t regret on it if someone cheated on u it’s there loss u were loyal rest no need to rush into any relationship take ur time get comfortable as u r the one who would be in a relationship not ur family eventually u would be the “dhol” if in any wrong relation relationship r not to be imposed on or to be done forcefully u can be straight forward that u r looking n if u find someone that good to greet home to meet parents u would let them know but it has to be on ur terms as in the end u don’t want to end up broken.

Rest fingers crossed hope u find ur match soon who deserves u


Yeah I do agree to whatever ur said but I don’t like anyone to be with relationship like had meet a lot many guys in past few years some of them could really be very nice as a boyfriend like the perfect partner to be with but when it comes to take a decision I say no for being together. Now I don’t have trust on that forever together thing. I don’t wanna have that attachments n then after a few months the person will come n say I don’t like uh now I like this other girl. Frankly saying if I ever ear this again I’ll die…


Come on girl I’m sure things gonna work out I would find someone eventually suitable c not everything or everyone will be according to u but someone genuine will be there keep ur eyes n brain open guard ur heart take ur time it’s after all ur life u r talking about to spend with someone not a piece of cake to be shared with someone

Dont be rash to someone be genuine and respectful after all u or any can’t force to be in a relationship

Be patient n carefull


Thankss a lot for ur support

Wish could get things sorted n someone to be with


Ur wc any day anytime

N I’m sure u would find someone who really deserves u n would take good care of u