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branca adam @brancaadam22

So my bf never wants to change and improve when I voice things and communicate about my problems
He had communications with his ex (who he broke up with 5-6 years ago and is married and has a kid) for over a year on messenger which I didn’t know about and found out when I went through his phone (he even lead her on so much as to asking for his personal number and that he should meet her when he comes back home to Nigeria - we met at university abroad)
So I decided to keep his passwords and see other apps like Instagram to find out he has active communications with a lot of girls, nothing too inappropriate I guess but it’s all the times he told me he didn’t have time to offer me help with the same things and that just hurt
When he found out he changes his passwords to his phone, fb and Instagram asking me just to trust him and I broke his trust and basically tried to guilt trip me
fast forward 6-8 months (we are now doing long distance as school is online) and I keep telling him how I’m not ok with him following indecent content on insta and naked girls and removed him off my Instagram hoping he’d try to follow me back but it has been months and whenever I ask him to follow me he says I should be the one sending him a request Bcs I removed him and that’s how it works so I gave it one more month and I keep seeing he is following more and more people and when I asked him if it was someone I wouldn’t approve of he just says no so I told him to screen record and show me he said he doesn’t know how and screen shots take a lot of time and it’s concerning that his ego is intact while following so many accounts but he can’t follow his own girlfriend back on insta that he claims to love and wants to marry
So I told him this can’t work if his ego is too big and he’s so bitter but had the biggest heart to talk to an ex that cheated on him and married another guy and left him heart broken
I really don’t think he loves me Bcs in the text exchanges he showed her more respect and gratitude that she’s shown me in the past 3 years
But I’m so confused
I love him so much
So I emailed him calling it quites and stating everything
Only for him to call me and say how he doesn’t mean anything to me and I don’t love him rather than acknowledging the fact that he did me wrong or just even sending a simple insta request to mend ties
He rather break up with me than follow his own gf on Instagram
And it breaks my heart seeing all these couples that have no problem using each other’s phone like I agree I overstepped and found out he was talking to his ex but also the fact that if I didn’t I’d never know :(((
And he’d talk to her anyways and maybe even meet her
Maybe he even has since he’s back home
What do I do? I need help :(( I feel so upset
Why can’t he just listen to me and acknowledge my feelings

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