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So… my best friend for years use to have a big crush on me… years later he still does. Im finally starting to like him… and hes noticed it, and hes ok with us just being friends but now that he knows he keeps bringing it up. And i know if i tell him never to ask again… he wont. Bc i did that in high school, i asked him to stop asking me out… and he hasn’t for years. He just really wants to know my feelings. And I dont wanna know if i like him or dont. I feel it would ruin the friendship(even tho he says it wouldn’t) i dont wanna hurt him. And i don’t wanna get hurt… hes not the cutest guy, but hes so sweet, and funny and kind, and weird like me. His heart is pure and he has a kind soul. He always looks down on himself. Bc hes not cute or skinny. I just dont know 😂

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Simran @st1199

Liking your best friend could be the best thing but it has more of sadness in that.
Friendship’s lasts longer than relations (exceptional are always there).
If you think that it can work out and you 2 do have a future and even if you have a breakup it won’t effect you in the worst case possible, then think about it else it’s better to leave that thought past behind you.

If I would have been in your place, I wouldn’t disclose my feelings because once it get’s out and maybe in future we give it a try to Date and it doesn’t turn out in the manner which I thought in my head, it will not only ruin the friendship but the relation as well. Hence, I wouldn’t have a friend left which is worse.
My friend has an experience in it and he says after breakup the one thing which he misses the most is his FRIEND and not the relation he had.

I hope you get an answer. :)


I think you should accept him if you have no other crushes. If you two get break up on day then you can be friends like before. Itll be fine if you two like each other. if your parents are against of crushes and stuff (becoz in some countries they dont like their child to have a crush even) be very carefull. You are really lucky to have someone that have a crush on you. So in my opinion give it a try. Stay safe


I think you should tell him your feelings when your ready in case it might be your chance with him cause me and my crush were best friends and I asked him out and he said yes and we are still dating we’ve been dating for a week now


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