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So moms sick, rented a house, bought a car… im bout to turn 20… my little brother is depressed saying suicidal things. Im getting accused of flirting and sleeping with men at work. My uncle took my car and wont let me use it… OR pay me back. Im wanting to die… but cant bc they all need me… i keep failing the asavb (military test) and my recruiter is mean. Im so tired. I finally yelled at my mean boss. Nows she begging me to not quit… my sister says I cant go out in the world by myself… my uncle stole thousands of dollars from my mom… im lost and confused

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Shashidhar @shashidhar117

Hey buddy! it’s sad that you are going through all these at a very young age.
But you are really brave and strong, trust me you are a warrior.
Is it possible to take any legal action against your uncle? You are the only sunshine in your family right now. Don’t let yourself down, keep your spirit high, and fight.
Fortune favours the brave and you are brave.
Good luck girl.


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