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So me and my girlfriend broke up, because her family was not in our favour.
Post break up i have done some miserable things which i have apologised for on mail.
Now she loves me but doesn’t want me back
What should i do
She knows that i love her and i regret for what i have done.
She said she loves me but she doesn’t want me anymore and doesn’t like the person i have turned into.
Should i clear out things in person or should i let her go because she has told me not to to contact her.

3 replies

I have been through this, i suggest you to write a letter to her or record a voice note confessing everything very honestly and promise the stuff you can do in real. After this if she denies please let her go maybe she is trying to move on because of her family or maybe she is setting some healthy boundaries for herself, in any case let her go peacefully with love, everything will be fine 🌻♥️


She is trying to build up some boundries maybe to not get hurt once more… She needs your words sincerely now to trust you again and be together… She might have been heartbroken and now is just not ready to let anyone see her miserable once again… Words from heart plays the most crucial role in a relationship and I think you should reach out to her and have a heart to heart conversation with her nad say everything inside your heart to let her know how sincere you are…💜💜

Lobo Toti @yolobolobhai

Let. Her. Go. When they say they want to be left alone, it should be respected.


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