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so me and my friend have been friends forever and she recently has been overprotective when she sees me with other people and even saying she is going to hurt herself if I don’t stop hanging out with them so I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had feelings for me so I told her ill need a day or two so she said ok. I truly liked her back but because of the behavior she had I can imagine what behavior she would have in a relationship but after a day I told her I liked her back but by that time she said she had a, girlfriend, i was shocked she introduced me and all so after I told her we should cut ties because she had a girlfriend. but she had so-called feelings for me she agreed to cut ties but after a few days she kept on texting me and showing up at my house I told her I was uncomfortable and could she please stop she did stop showing up at my house but she kept texting me from different accounts and numbers. I’m i the bad person?

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You are correct. Some distance might be needed before things can revert to being even just friends


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