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so just now I got a notification on my phone that my ex had posted something on Facebook and I went on to see it, I don’t know why I did that but I did it. there I saw that he had posted something flirty and funny that could relate to somebody and I checked the comments where I saw him flirting in a comment with another new person and that gave me a mini heart attack😀. It’s been almost 7 months since we broke up and I thought I had erased him completely out of my heart but guess what? I think I haven’t, I know this may happen to many but when I’m feeling it myself it hurts heavy.
we were together for almost 5 years, he saw me through my thick and thin, and trust me we loved each other for real, very much. Nothing was a lie from both of us, not even once but circumstances were so that our relationship became a long-distance one and suddenly things changed. I wanted his attention, I constantly sought validation, I used to cry every day, I pushed so hard to make things work between us, I put so much effort I jeopardized my mental health for us to be together, I tried and tried so very much but you know what! he didn’t do as much as I did for us. I gave up after I tried to save us thousands of times but he gave up even before trying. once just for once, I wanted to see him making effort for me, for us I wanted to see his will to keep me in his life but I never saw that, and let me tell you that hurts like hell. It’s not that he didn’t love me but he gave up, he gave up too early on our relationship problems. I was only the one trying and when I realized I was giving too much and was getting nothing in return but only stress and tears I finally left and then also he didn’t even try to stop me.
Now I see him trying to court another girl, that literally broke my heart even though I knew this time would come but I guessed I loved him so hard that no matter what I do a small piece of him will always remain in me.

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Hey !!I have suffered the same as you i can understand your feelings from the root. If he didn’t give his 100% why are you trying so hard on it atlast relation is not a one sided effort. He is enjoying his life without any regrets about your last 5 years and no concerns about you .So girl just block him on every possible social media . Just text me on insta sasuke.2000


thank you :)


You know girl, sometimes what we think is love, isnt really love.
We tend to see it that way. If a person really loved you, he wouldn’t have let you go.
And he surely would have let you know if he fell out of love.
This man, was just playing you all along. He wanted to see what a person could do for him and how far they would go.
And you were that person.
But trust me, he is the one at loss. And the length of the relationship is not equal to success of the relationship.
Just learn from it and move on.
Let him court a thousand other girls, it shouldn’t matter to you.
And there is no competition.
He will never ever, not in this life find a girl like you who would have died for him. And trust me, even if you did that, he would still court another girl after 7 months.
You are stronger than you know. You stood up for yourself in the end and you gave multiple chances to someone who was hurting you. Only pwerful people can do that.

Its gonna be okay. Take your time
Just heal. Heal.
There is someone out there in this world, who’d never let you go or give up on you.
Love yourself.
Sending you love❤️❤️


Wow, I feel supported really :) even my friends today didn’t show much concern when I told them that this hurt me but I understand them they have their own life too.


Am here if you want to talk.

Girl, no one is too busy to help their friend.
They chose to stay busy.


My bee feels you 🍒


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