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so I’ve had a crush on this guy for 3y and i want to tell him but we don’t talk or have classes together. He is a year older than me. I want to tell him that “I’ve liked you for some time now and I thought you should know” but wouldn’t it be weird for me a stranger go up to him and tell him i like him? would it be weird?

Also, I think he likes me too, we do make eye contact whenever we see each other and he is a shy person or at least looks like one. There was this one time when we saw each other from afar as we walked to our classes and when he got closer I looked at him and he was already looking at me. When we met eyes he looked away fast. This happens too when we are getting lunch and he or I usually make eye contact first when being in line…or he just thinks im a creep lookin at him haha :(

But should I tell him? or would it be weird?

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Idk how though, we don’t have classes together so I don’t know how I can get close to him


Cute story😆❤

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