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So I’ve been in a relationship for 2.5 years now. at the beginning of the year my boyfriend had to leave for work for 6 months and while he was gone I met a guy and we totally hit it off and became really really good friends. Somewhere in those 6 months my bf and I took a break and me and the other guy started hanging out more and well one thing lead to another. So after the 6 months my bf comes back and we decided to work on things and we’ve been trying but I can’t seem to leave the other guy. I like both of them soo much and I dont want to lose either of them and I know I’m being selfish and a terrible person but I just I love my boyfriend and I care so much about the other guy and ive tried to stop talking to the other guy bu it never goes through buy u I can’t break up with my bf

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Choose the 2nd guy because if you actually loved your boyfriend, you would never give this a second thought!
Let him invest his time, energy and love somewhere else where he’ll be appreciated!


Stop talking to the other guy, and spend more time with your bf. Eirher way it was very wrong of you to let the other guy get this close. You have to choose one person and thats a fact , so whom do you wanna hurt is now your choice. my personal suggestion is to stay with your bf and let go of the other guy because your bf deserves you . In all honesty, you should own up your mistake of letting other guy go and choosing your bf

Sanket @sanket

After a few months when you will meet a new person you will like them as well because we welcome change, that’s not how a relationship can be built.
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