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so i’ve been feeling really overwhelmed reacently bc i don’t know what to do with my life i have to go to collage in like a year and i still don’t know what i want to study,ppl tell me to follow my dreams and do what i want to,but what if i don’t really have anything i want to do?,i used to have dreams and a lot of them but ppl always told me how i was just dreaming to much and now they want me to follow my dreams? what dreams? i dont have them anymore. I don’t want to make a decision that i will regret,i don’t want to end up living a life i didn’t want to live just bc i had to rush and find something to study, also im not doing really good at school bc nothing makes me want to do anything,and even the things i want to do i never put much effort to do it,i feel like everyday im loosing more and more of my time i don’t want to grow up be old and realize that i never really did anything that i wanted to do, i want to look back at my life and feel proud i want to feel no regrets at all,but seeing how thing are going im afraid that i may end up living a life i don’t want to,there’s to much pressure put in me and idk what to do.

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Try calming yourself down first. You have time! Think about what you like. Write down your strengths, weaknesses. Things you hate , things you love.
Go research on the various courses available and colleges!!
Life isn’t a race. You don’t need to get things done at a particular time. If you want, take a year off. Breathe. Do what you love, figure out what you want.
You’ll get there. Don’t worry too much.
I hope this helps :)


thank you so much💖 It does actually help,i will try to do what you say.


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