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So its been really difficult past weeks for me… ive been wanting to write this since a long time and i never found the time to, which is what this post is about. since the past 3 weeks ive had my online classes 6 days a week, sparing only sunday as a free day. these classes start from 8;30 every morning and go up till 11;00 pm everyday. they have 1/2 hour breaks in between but its just not enough. on 1-2 days i get about 1/2 hour of time to quickly watch a show and have my lunch, but on most days i have my lunch during the class, with my video switched off. i get about 2 hours free every evening and im like super grateful for that but i spend it exercising. my parents say i should spend it doing homework but i need my daily dose of dopamine. and i really suck as basic execises: ive been training since 6 yeas and i cannot do one push up. but thats not my problem right now. i cannot remove any amount of time for me or doing things i like: i love art and photography and im really afraid that if i dont practise them enough, ill eventually become bad at them and all my dreams will be shattered. i dont have any friends so thats a good thing i dont need to spend time with anyone. i hog my dinner everyday in 15 mins between the classes. this leaves absolutely no time for homework ! i could wake up early but then i would jeopardise my sleep and then i wont be able to focus on any classes. then i spend sundays doing homework. in fact in the time i wrote this i should be doing my homework but i just couldnt! i know these classes are very important for my own future but they really make mentally tired so much that i really do not feel like doing anything at all. i havent had a ‘break’ since so long but now it seems almost impossible. can somebody please help me out ? im in such a situation i dont have time to talk about my own problems to my own self. do i need to get help ?

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I’m so sorry to hear this! online classes are so hard to navigate but the timings you mentioned are just horrendous.
I’ve been working from home and i can share some tips that I use for my wellbeing:
•Separate place of work from place of rest
• Strict rule to not open laptop after a certain fixed time
• Strict rule to get at least 30 mins lf exercise in - I occasionally take walks during my lunch
•Spend as much or as little time doing at least one thing you love apart from working ( It can be 10 mins of painting, reading a book, watching a youtube video, dancing)


Okay first things first thank you so much for replying to this i wrote this like a month ago and im just so grateful someone replied. Secondly, ive been following some tips you mentioned and it is actually going great. but even after 1 month i still dont get anytime for myself. i even went to the extent of cancelling an entire class but idk soehow my other teachers came to know about this ??? and now they have been loading with homework:(
Anyways, Thank you so much for this again:)


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