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So it’s been a month or maybe more than that i feel exhausted of my daily life… Feeling bored of everything. I’m a student and also preparing for a competitive exam but it’s been two weeks I don’t even feel like studying, feel exhausted of everything… Feel stuck somewhere in between. I don’t know if this is called as anxiety, burnout, depression or anything else but this exhausting behavior is making me worry and affecting my mental health… I don’t feel motivated to do anything like not even studying and feel emotionally and physically disconnected with everyone…

Can someone please help me out what to do

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Here’s a few things to try
1. Google and pick a motivational movie that you think you will relate to. It could be about sports or studies or someone going after their passion or whatever. Watch it objectively and pick up the lessons that you think will act as a driving and motivational force for you. Then move on to the next step.
2. Romanticise your studies. Think light academia, dark academia etc. Make studying cool. Try using higher learning study techniques to encode information better. Set small goals and test yourself. If you’re too scared, do five ques at a time. Then more then more etc. But see change, even if it’s slow.
3. Make a list of things you’d like to hear from another as external motivation (if you think you require external motivation once in a while to keep you going) then call a friend or family member or someone you trust who can say those things to you. Sometimes we lose faith in ourselves because of the negative voices in our heads. But someone who loves us sees us for more than just those voices. So see if that gets you going. And the list I said to make in the beginning was so that just in case you don’t hear them from friends you’ve already written down what you need to hear and you repeat it to yourself till you believe it.
4. Do a hobby. You can suck at it but do something else. When sitting for competitive exams it feels like that’s the end all and be all so try getting out of that mindset and do something else. A hobby for fun or a skills in some field, whatever.
5. You said it’s been a month since you’ve been in a daze right, so if you feel like yourself still not physically or emotionally or mentally ready to take these steps then give your heart a break and take rest for a few days. Feel rejuvenated and then try these.
And finally, DON’T GIVE UP. Your goals are big because you have it in you to achieve them whatever the doubts may sometimes make you feel, keep going and finally, be kind to yourself. You’re a blessing.


Thank you so much 😭💕 you are such a beautiful soul 😭✨


Shall I start therapy to overcome this?

Angel Arna @angelarna

Just talk to someone u lovee and use a study buddy to study.


I am in your situation. I just can’t seem to bring my emotions to calm down. I full this surge of sensitive emotions whenever I even start to think about my studies. It’s so disturbing. Can any one help ?


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