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So it’s about “SEX” … Now that I have your attention .
Will the real slim shady please stand up… no sorry I just had to… Back to the story
I had this girlfriend back in April , whom I lost my virginity to woohoo … It was pretty serious but I knew I couldn’t fall in love with get, because at a certain point you do seek the approval of other people and literally everyone I know did not like her , I did start to enjoy the sex it was beautiful as beautiful is … So I have this submissive personalty side where I like the pain with the pleasure and the thought me telling that to her just freaked me out , I was bugged for a couple of days thinking of the different ways I’ll be judged and she will break up with me and I’ll end up hurting myself because of something I found stupid… so I broke up with her … Yeah stupid I know :)
We talked about this when I had accepted what I like and there’s nothing wrong with it and she said that she was into dominating … She’s moved back to her home town now , told me she found someone special ( pretty sure that was just to rub it in my face ) but the fact is accepting my insecure habits and quirks ( fetish) actually made me happier today .

*Moral of the story kids *
Don’t miss out on something Because you think someone won’t accept you , it’s worth a shot m8. So just tell anyone who will listen and no I don’t Mean a random stranger on a metro or your gynaecologist :)

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