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Smritirupa @smriti_0

So it was my second attempt and first drop for Neet 2022 … I was a brilliant student till 12th… But I don’t know what just happened to me , that my performance keep decreasing. After my exam when I came home and calculated my marks it was only about 250+ or something like that … I couldn’t believe. Now I think all those sleepless night , all of my struggle were worthless. Now I don’t feel like doing anything . I love drawing… Its like a therapy for me. But when I tried to draw something that day I couldn’t draw anything. I don’t feel good now a days. Never felt so dumb. Now my parents want me to study Bsc but I don’t feel like. And I don’t have any more courage to take another drop.

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Sona @rasika186

Then take a break for few days. Relax yourself Then start…

Smritirupa @smriti_0

Too hard but thanks ❤️

ja @jafi


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Shubham Bhatt @comrade

Hey… Just relax… And calm down… Have a sometime with nature without anyone else just you and nature… Have a travel to the mountains not for pics and so on but for yourself and for your soul and mind… And then start a new thing in a life… Explore something new that you haven’t tried or heard about it before… Something like books … Travelling… Editing… Any soft skills or hard skills… Any sports… Singing dancing and so on much…
But … just relax and calm down… I am with you… Always and forever…

Smritirupa @smriti_0

Thank you very much for your advice. I’ll give it a try… ❤️

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Shubham Bhatt @comrade

U can talk to me anything and everything… I will be there at your side to help you…
- Comrade…✨🖤

Ankit Saxena @thenicestran...

It’snot big deal to be demotivated just take a little time and recharge yourself and strt again it will worth it for sure!

tejas @tj_1993

All sleepless nights are usefull u gain something every night. Why Ur score decrease u can understand best Bcoz u r the only one who can evaluate urself best. U know what was missing and how much more u need to study.
Yes drawing n painting is best this to save urself from depression n best use of ur time

Vipul C @lupiv

Life happened my dear. Wake up, it’s not a fairy tale. Hard work doesn’t promise happy ending. Population is a fact, son pull up your socks and dive right in (if you don’t have an identified passion), coz it’s a rat race


The same happens with me. I have also given the neet exam and my scores are only 200 and it was my first drop. I am also feeling low bcz my parents have great expectations from me.

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bin 147 @spideynicks

Babe go for bsc… 250 is way to less to clear neet… forget neet… I have seen many bsc guys and gals very happy in life… accept ur result and explore other possibilities of life


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