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So I’m sorry for posting my feelings so much on this app, it’s just that it’s so hard to talk about how I feel with others.
I recently got a new job, but I really don’t know how to create friendships or relationships and I feel so stupid because I have like automatic responses in my brain to every question, I don’t know how to act natural and sometimes I’ll just stay quiet and stare as a weirdo because I guess my brain takes a little longer to process information and I’m figuring out what to say on every occasion. I really hate myself so much and I wish I could change.

Thanks for reading

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Stay relaxed and don’t overthink.

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

Relax, talk to yourself.
Look in the mirror and practise speaking.
Write your fears down and work on them.
It’s ok to think before you speak.

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