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Nolan k @itsjustme17

so I’m seeing this guy, really sweet guy, and we are not “dating”, but we cuddle and well ~y’know~
but he’s like a a foot taller than me, so normally I lay on him because I’m well a lot smaller than him. but I asked him to lay on me, so he’s really hyper ( ADHD ), and I used to have ADHD as well, but since depression and body injuries it has settled down to ADD for me, the reason I bring this up is because I used to have a weighted blanket and the weight used to calm me down whether it was because I couldn’t settle down or my mind needed to settle down . and when I told him this he just laid on me, and I was so content. I love him, I’m not sure what kind of love it is, but I have this intense compassion for this boy, I don’t care if we are not dating, just being with him is enough.

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Tan3 @tanu_shree

After few months try to confess ur feeling

ella @chaotic_ella

In my experience it’s a bad idea.

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Tan3 @tanu_shree

Thn she could wait for him
I mean wait till he makes a proper moves
However if both of them have proper understanding about this matter then
I don’t think it would be a problem to takes thgs little farther

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Hope @cureplace

Agree with you.


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