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So I’m in a friend group with boys and girls, and I like one girl in the group. I’m not sure if she’s into me but wether she is or not is killing me…

I just don’t to ruin our friendship. She’s a very emotional person and is upset easily so I don’t know what to say to her.

People with experience In this, please help me. I’m not good with this stuff at all and I’m sure I’ll fuck up if I do it myself. Thank you guys so much and stay safe during all this!

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Hahah this is just so cute! But honestly, there is literally no way to predict the outcome of this. My boyfriend and I were also in the same friend group all throughout our school life but we actually ended up dating almost after our college got over!!! Our bond starting with friendship, and then we became the best of friends, and I always valued that SO MUCH MORE even before we started dating. He was the one who had a crush on me, and he never really said anything, because of the same reasons as you, I’m guessing.

Would I have liked him to tell me earlier? Probably YES.
But am I happy we started dating as adults and not as kids? Also, perhaps yes.
And I say that because there is a lot of development that happens over the years that helps you not fuck things up. Plus the bond as I mentioned. Friendship is easier, you can still love the other person truly and not have as many expectations perhaps.

But really just assess the worst that could happen, and probably just do it. Or maybe take it slow, try to be a little cute with her/mildly flirt with her (in a cute way, not inappropriate or sexual way) and see if she is reciprocating or getting the hints. That may help you understand whether or not you should make the move.

Ultimately tho bud, I feel like it is all like destiny, it’ll happen whenever and if it has to happen (PROBABLY)! See, nothing’s for sure & no one knows anything.

I might have just confused you more instead of helping out 😂


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