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So im actually with a great guy right now and i really think that hes the one.but my sister feels that its not the right time for me to get into the relationship, and i think shes right but i also think shes not ,im confused. I really do love him. And he loves me more than i love him…But i also am not a good girlfriend. I have hurt and disappointed him many times.and i just feel like i should not let him go through all this .i think itll be better for him if i just leave… what should i do?? Im just so confused. I dont want to leave him but i feel like ill be hurting him more by staying and putting him through a this drama…
Please help me out…

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Why @whyamihere

Does your sister think he’s bad ?
Like would hurt you or something ? Emotionally


She just thinks that im not ready and that i should be focusing on my career … but little does she know he’s helping me build one…

Why @whyamihere

But where are your priorities ?
Would you choose him over your career ?
I’m just trying to help I’m not siding with her


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