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So im a boy friends with both girls and boys. One time two girls in the group got into a big arguement and stuff. Im going to talk about what happened.

So one girl felt left out because she felt nobody was talking or joking with her as much on the group chat (lets call her A, and other girl B). Branched into a whole ass arguement that I had to solve.

So anyways, the whole thing starts when im not on my phone. When I come back to check it, i see messages everywhere. I check the chat and figure out whats going on. So obviously A is the only one that feels left out is the only one with the opinion tht she was left out. Everyone else was on the B’s side. It was really an arguement between them two, and they were best friends. So I text A asking her what happened after talking to B. I know the whole story from the perspective of B, so now im asking A. Probably the easiest way to solve an argument.

So i ask her what happened, she gives me her side of the story. Shes saying nobody understands her, blah blah blah. So. as the logical being I consider myself to be, I ask what do people not understand about this. She tightens up, telling me to leave her alone and stuff. Saying “Stop asking me, seriously” and everything like that, I pester her for like 5 mins trying to get an answer, and then i snap. I say something along the lines of “Listen, shit isnt gonna get better between you and B unless we solve this so tell me what we dont understand and this can be over. im so close to leaving you with this crap right now.” Then she writes this whole paragraph, saying she thought I would be the one sticking with her to the end and she thought i was a real friend, bullshit like that. THEN SHE SAYS “I WAS GONNA TELL YOU AND IF YOU WERE A REAL FRIEND YOU WOULD STAY” By this point, im so done with her shit.

I respond with “well if you were a real friend you would have answered my question the first time I asked. So bye”

That got to her. All is silent for a couple minutes, then BOOM. Shes texting me paragraphs of apologies, pictures of her crying, like holy fuck. One of the pictures was a snap to one of her other friends, saying she shut me out because I was a boy and I wouldnt understand things like this-which by the way I was the most understanding person in that situation. also just insulting to assume something like that.

But after everyone was sunshine and rainbows, nobody said shit to me. I didnt get any credit for salvaging a strong friendship and breaking up an arguement. Nobody got credit and it pissed me off.

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Heyy, I know it feels really bad if you do something and don’t get any credit for it. But don’t take it in an insulting manner. I’m sure you’re proud of yourself for putting the friendship back in place and so am I. You know the greatest things done are often left unseen by people. Just let this issue go and be happy. Life can be unfair to us at point of times but that’s okay. Take care.


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