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Lia @leelia

so I wrote like a poem( if u can call it that cuz it might be bad) about just how I feel and how my life has been for a long time.

once upon a time
a girl forgot her lines
in her own movie-like life
but one day in the blink of an eye
she saw the other side
real life

outside of the screen
there’s so much she hasn’t seen
a whole new world a whole new scene
you can’t even ask her how her day has been

she just knew how to read out lines
she couldn’t say nothing more than lies
she doesn’t even know how she feels
was used to decide when she cries and when she heals

so many characters she has played
so many that she has slayed
but if you ask for her real name
she forgot while playing this game

in real life, she doesn’t have anything to presume
unseen like a flower waiting to bloom
sits alone at the back of the classroom
and cries every day in the bathroom

walks home alone
putting her headphones on
and playing her favorite song
one that will make her heartbeat
and make it harder to breath
one that that will make her cry
until her eyes dry

everyone thinks she’s fine
but she’s broken inside
why did she have to open her eyes
now she knows she lives in a world
where she has to hide

and this is why she silently cries at night

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Happy soul @happysoul88

Mann!! This is too relatable

These lines have a deep meaning… I too can understand that and sometimes it’s like my story!

Those silent cries at night and not able to understand what’s wrong!

It happens… This shall pass too🙂

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Lia @leelia

thank youu!!
I’m glad someone likes it and understands what I’m trying to say. 😊💛


Those silent cries turning into words
Deep feelings turning into sentences

Too good

I hope she blooms into a beautiful flower

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Lia @leelia

thank youu💙💙💙✨

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Tannu @threyedraven

This is truly beautiful💕. I hope the girl heals. You make her sound amazing🌞

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Lia @leelia

thank youuu💙💙💙✨💕


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