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So, I was talking to a guy just as a friend on a social media for more than a week. He used to text me, we are of same age, so we connected soon, talked much about our lives, also he told me once I am a good listener. Later I told him, I will may take a break soon, he knew for my studies, asked for a alternative option, I denied, he understood well the situation. But he also said “You are hopeless”. Why he said that? What I did wrong? This just stuck in my head, what’s wrong with me, idk?
Well I didn’t leave then, but instead he took a break for his studies lol.

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chnrv @chnrv

Where do these ppl come?? I also want a gf but whenever I try to chat they either block me or say sh*t. Lol like idk how love works in social media…


It isn’t about love, so idk buddy


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