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So I was in relationship with this guy for 4 years and I’m still with him and I love him immensely. I had a friend who liked for a long long time and i got attracted to him. So I took a break from my relationship to be with him. It was all very casual and we kissed once. I told the friend that it is very casual but he didn’t understand maybe. So after a few days, I got tired of it and went back to my boyfriend and told him everything. He was broken but after long talks he decided to give it another shot. I love him a lot and I just want your option on whether or not you think our relationship is gonna work out ? I love him a lot and I wanna marry him someday too. He’s the best boyfriend and loves me to. I just think everyone makes mistakes once in a while and that people have the ability to change for good!

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I personally think if you loved him so much you firstly wouldn’t be attracted to anybody else. But it’s okk it happens. If he is willing to give it another shot you should probably take it and try to put on all the efforts. Try not to bring that topic again. And show him your affection and love for him.


It’s ohkayyy just give him a lil time because you know it will take a lil time to trust back again so just enjoy and keep reassuring him that you love him and you are there for him😉 all the best for your future and hope you both gets married someday❤️

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Thesilentbuddha @jot

U should put some efforts…n its nrml to get attracted to smbody else…

@anony7 and @ishuuuuuuu

Respect for u guys…thanku both for wat u r doing…:)

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Our pleasure


Give it another try. And hold onto him this time. You dont know the pain of love after someone that good of a person leaving u. And i know just kiss is never just a kiss. Hold onto him and swear on ur life u wont do this to hime ever. Tc


Hey, How are you doing now? and How is life in large?


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