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So I was in a friends with benefits situation with my best friend, he told me that he liked me and I liked him too, but my previous relationships were toxic or abusive. So I wasn’t ready for a commitment and I asked him to wait till I was ready. He was very understanding and we kept it that way for almost a year. He went away for a month, and when he came back, I realised I was ready for a relationship, so I asked him. He refused, because he said our relationship had no future. I realised he had a point but I was hurt. Anyway we continued our fwb situation. One time I was with his best friend, and I realised that I had feelings for his best friend instead. But I didn’t wanna hurt him, so I never told anyone about it. One time when I was his best friend, we ended up kissing. I regretted it and confronted him, he forgave me. I figured out that it was because no commitment. So I asked him again if we could be together, and he said it wasn’t a good idea. Anyway after a few days, I ended things with him, and I think he has been avoiding me. I really want to fix things, and I do realise what I did was incredibly wrong.

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kartik @cannon

You cant fix it. Accept it and move on! You need to be responsible for your actions. Act wisely from here on


You can fix it by giving a little time and patience to this situation… Take your time and give him time to understand everything… Just be patient and it will eventually fall into its place.


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