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So I want to talk about my crush situation. It’s not exactly a crush I think. There is this senior from my UNI whom I don’t LOVE love or LIKE like but more like who is he, what is he, I wanna know him, and I want HIM TO KNOW ME and that’s it. Like I think I need his attention and time and want him to be my friend more than my lover.
I don’t think so I need love or I am seeking for a lover. I don’t think college peeps are mature enough to understand & handle relationships, even I am not. We are just young, dumb and broke. So NO.
But yeah, i like him. Because he is - simple,shy, stays low key, and okay he kinda looks nerdish which I look because nerdish kinda guys makes me feel safe around them so~ and for now that’s all I know about this guy. I DON’T KNOW HIM. EXACTLY MY POINT.
And I want to kinda know him. I wish to have him as a friend.
And even if I have a crush on him, I don’t want to fall in love now. Not at this age of 19. I and most of us don’t even understand the concept of love but then
So I wish to be a friend. And see now it works and goes. But that’s just how and what it is. Just a WISH.
Because this person doesn’t even know me. And I already sent him a follow request which he accepted and even followed back but now it feels so dumb like I stalked him which I did but now like…NOW I THINK HE KNOWS THAT… Like obvious isn’t it?! But then he seriously doesn’t even watch or notice my stories which I sometimes purposely put for him but then I have another excuse for that. Hehe.
He only has 206 followers and not really a social media person it seems like. He has only one post that too it looks like his friends forced him to take the pic and upload it.
But then I read the comments I felt jealous like Wtf! Lol. OKAY enough. PLEASE IGNORE THIS.
Because at the end I know that I don’t want to fall in love now. Like not at this age and even if I end up falling…i am going to run away from it. Otherwise I will get distracted and won’t focus on my goals and studies which will lead to a future that I don’t want and then few years later i’ll have to get married and be that BAHU things which I never ever want in my life. Like I can die but marriage and children fuck it! Never!

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Why don’t you search these much about who created us and really cares for u and fall in love …💫


When did I search about anyone? I just expressed my thoughts that’s it. Lol.
Also no it’s not LOVE love…i don’t like him like in a Romantic way…i just like the kind of person he is.

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Plus I put all these on this platform in the hope that some stranger might understand my situation and may be suggest some ways or help me out or something but sorry I am not sorry…i don’t need your opinion. I never asked for one. If you can help…then help. Don’t judge it. Or give me your opinion. I never said you can do that👾✌️🏽🥸🙄


U are stalking him 🙂


Stalk in the sense like I sent him a follow request lol…not like going through whatever he’s up to lol .
Plus he only has 1 post from 2017 💀 nothing much and that I don’t think is too much like SEARCHING or something 💀😂
That is what you do isn’t it when you send a follow request to someone or accept a follow request? We go through their profile right? So that’s what I did. And I said I FELT LIKE I STALKED HIM. I just FELT like I Assumed. I didn’t DO it.


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