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syah @soulmateneededasap

so… I wanna u guys drop 2 songs in the comment section:
1. drop ur fav song that u chilled to before going to bed…
2. drop the song that u listen to when u thinking abt sad stuff…
tq… I hope u have a nice day

remember… u r loved
u r precious
no matter how cruel this world acts towards u
remember that… u r worth it
n believe me when it’s impossible 4 no one to love u
there’s always that one person that always love u
no matter what…
if anyone reads
just smile 4 a sec…
cmon… just smile
it’s worth it
welp… g2g
bye2 4 now ;)

6 replies

Thanks a lot for ur positive n uplifting words …
Appreciate ur efforts
Chilling out to songs doesnot work for me…
Yes some songs do make me feel motivated
1.Apna time ayegaa
2.Kar har maidan fatheh
3.yeh hosla kaise tuthe
4.tuta tuta ek parinda

N songs that remind me of a spl person
Someone i miss a lot
1.chale annaaa…from dede pyaar de
2.kaun tujhe yuh chahega… from ms dhoni…
3.tujhe itna chaane lage hum

Actually there was a time i loved soulful love songs
Today i hate them
N avoid it
As it acts as a huge huge trigger for me…


Thanks brooo … i really needed thisss … i m a girl and kinna proposed my bff … but she reacted very weird and in bad way im hurt … im losttt

syah @soulmateneededasap

I’m sorry to hear that… but I believe everything happens 4 a reason… maybe she needs more time… and if it’s really not meant to be… don’t worry… there are 7 billion people on this planet, you will find ur soulmate.


Splinter- myrne
Nice to meet you - kayla hall


wake up love - teyana taylor (chill song)
you tore out my heart - tiny little houses (very sad song)


Before bed:
1.everybody gets high
When sad:

Thx for the positivity😆
Hope u the best


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