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So I usually come home on a microbus with other kids. Yesterday, me and two other kids were late. So we came out and saw that the microbus was gone. Now we were wondering how to get back home. The two of them lived in the same place and I lived in a different place but like you gotta cross mine to reach theirs. So they decided to get a rickshaw and I followed em. But tbh, three people on one rickshaw is just so so uncomfortable like hell I could barely sit, and was desperately trying to hold on to not-so-dear life. Anyways, the rickshaw did not take us all the way home. He kept on trying to get us off for God knows why. Like he had severe mood swings and for a moment, he’s like, I’ll take you kids all the way home and the next, he’s like, no nvm get off right here right now. Anyways, we pleaded much and he agreed to take us halfway home. So, we reached halfway and got off. Now he was like, get on again, I’ll go all the way. But my legs were sort of shaking badly as I wasn’t able to sit comfortably even for a second on the rickshaw. So I told the other two kids to go on and that I was gonna take a separate rickshaw to my home. Hence, they went on and I started to look for rickshaws. I asked quite a few but couldn’t find one to get on. Then a rickshaw pulled up beside me, an aunt was sitting in it. And they said, get on. We’re going to the same place. I was tired and frustrated and my head wasn’t working right. I know that I shouldn’t get on rickshaws with strangers but I guess I couldn’t care enough at that moment. So I did get on. And I reached home safely. Got down a little before the destination where the rickshaw was headed. And I offered to pay my share of the fare but the aunt declined to take it. So I just thanked her and went home. Well, that was one hell of an adventure for a kid who never goes out alone. And luckily I actually managed to come back home safely. Like so many things could’ve happened, but they didn’t. Nice. New experience. Kind people still exist.

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Carefreehippie @shiuli

Woahhh! Cheers to your new experience buddy! 🤝

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✨Ash✨ @idkwhat2puthere

once that happened to me. my brother wasn’t at the same place we met to walk home yesterday, so I went on my own and took the wrong turn. it took at least 3 hrs to get back home after my mom called a search team for me. my mom hugged me tight and cried on my shoulder for at least 20 mins.


Aww she must’ve been super worried twt glad you made it back safely tho!


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