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So I started school today and honestly I can’t stop crying ha. It’s not the school it’s just- people. Idk why I feel this way, I mean I just feel so little compared to them. Ah it’s so stupid but I just needed to get it out.

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klabyou @findingnieros

Hello! How r u?

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Bhavya Chauhan @heartonthe...

Hey! we surely feel a little disoriented when we go to places like a school or a college or anywhere that requires us to socialize and prove ourselves as good as everyone else. But honestly, the way you seem in awe of the others, they might instead be in awe of you! Remember, a school is a place where we go to learn and grow. Nobody is perfect from day one. Don’t feel intimidated. Rather, stick to your own strengths and hold onto who YOU are. I know there will be people who do certain things better than you, but you too are differently talented. Your strengths might be in things they can’t do! Everyone is equal in an environment like a school and I suggest you should not let your surroundings make you feel small. Go ahead and benefit from it. In fact, nobody grows in an environment where everyone else is inferior.
Don’t see your fellow students as a threat, treat them as your equals, and also see if there is anything you must learn to polish yourself further!
Good Luck!


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