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so i saw my cousin today
she changed a lot but i still love her
can i just say first of all there is nooooo wayyyyy this girl is straight
anyways we hung out at the park for a bit then we when back to the cars i got in my car she looked through the window and gave me a wave
i noticed that she had a pin, i only saw a brief glimpes at it but i think i think it was the pansexual flag
how can i ask abt it?


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You can directly ask her ya tell her about your feelings.Dont waste time dear,go fast maybe its your happiness time.


I think you should ask her. Or maybe stalk her insta or other profiles . I know it sounds bad but maybe she left some clue there.
The best way would be to just ask her in a low-key way . Or just tell her that you liked her pin. And want to see it. That way you would know.
I have seen your posts regarding being really upset and all and all i want to say it. I’m with you. You can talk to me. I maybe a lil weirdo but you can still talk to me.
I’m an experienced gay😁.
Lots of love to you