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So I met this marriage prospect yesterday… When we met he told me he had 150 contacts of girls from matrimonial sites with whom he had either met or had phone conversation… Also he told me twice his marriage was almost fixed but due to XYZ reason from girl’s end it didn’t worked out and got cancelled…
One of the above girl, he was invovled with her for 6 months but he told me she was psycho and controlling so he blocked her and called it off… the girl used to call his mother but he refused to talk or marry her… after listening to above things my whole mood went off… How can someone just block a girl without having a proper conversation… also he was telling me ki 2 months ago he met a girl in this cafe and ambiance was good and bla bla…
I was least bothered about his conversation regarding his way of looking at girls under the name of marriage prospect… we met for only 45 minutes in which he was talking everything else apart from me and him… when this meeting was over I was glad and relieved… He was 34 years old…
After when I reached home, of course my parents asked me what happened if it is a yes or no… I said I don’t know I didn’t ask. So I messaged him Hi… he did not reply yesterday… today morning he messaged Hi… so i just typed… it was nice meeting you… so in return he replied… It was nice meeting you too… I have some other marriage prospects to whom I have to meet in coming days so I will let you know accordingly…
I knew the answer but for my parents sake I did this stupidity… I said sure and deleted the chat and everything… I am feeling I got scammed meeting some 34 years old spoilt brat for whom girls are nothing but just options… 150 plus contacts and meeting girls through matrimonial platforms… what is wrong with people? I am feeling disgusted… Are these kind of boys really considered for marriage?

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Ayy, he is a walking red flag.


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