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…so I love this guy and I know he is the best…he cares a lot…and do everything that’s possible to make me happy in the best way possible… but…I still feel that there is still something missing…I have decided to marry him… our families are involved now… but I am not completely satisfied with this… I am not able to open up with him completely… i dnt know what to do…

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Theres a difference between getting cold feet and Having a doubt in the relationship you are having. I feel the best person you should talk to is your partner. Clear your all doubts say what must be said and listen what must be heard.

It all works out eventually!🌻


As I know him, if I would even give a slight hint that I am not completely happy in this relationship, he will end it. He doesn’t want me to stop from anything… and I dnt wanna end the relationship. I just wanna be happy completely. What if I am making a wrong choice being with him? What if he is the only one for me?


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