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Josie @anneidiot

So I live in MN right now, and my half sister is going to college in WA, and my mom wanted to move there with her to support her, and I wanna move too. My mom is my custodial parent, and my dad barely spends time with me, so I would definitely move with my mom and sister. My dad is really outraged with my mom and says that shes “taking me away from him” and that “he will never see me again” when we have already made plans for me to stay in the summer and other holidays with him.
Almost every time I see him, he tries to guilt trip me into staying, and he will ask why I want to move, and when I say why I want to move, he will say that those aren’t valid reasons. Whenever he does that I just burst out crying and I can’t help it.
His whole family says that it should be fun for me to move, but they don’t know that he is saying things like that to me. My dad is guilt tripping me so much and its really taking a toll on my mental health and it really sucks. Thank god I’m moving at the end of July.

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Your Dad probably feels lonely now that u are moving too…Try to understand him and instead of crying in that moment, tell him that the way he is speaking is hurting u… I am like that… I try to tell everything I feel outside so that they will not have hard time in understanding me… This might clear up things b/w u and ur dad… I hope that u will happy again with ur dad😊


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