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So i keep breaking hearts, and the last one cost me a very good friend, that has me feeling very sad an d bad about myself even though its not my fault. I just wish i could be good friends with someone, specially a guy, without them wanting more, i just want to be liked by who i am and not be tied to anyone.
Hope i can get that some day

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Aaina Dvivedi @rooo132

:) same here dear…

I lost someone today too… and i am tired …tired of breaking things by my own

thats what i want with a guy…to have no condition… to be actually in love … love doesnt come with a condition then why guys put it…to talk with someone in which you feel free and safe is blisss …

Pau @piruleta

Exactly, makes me look like I betrayed somtjing when i was clear from the start, i want an understanding not a contract, they just keep clinging on to you and it drowns me


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