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So I just want to tell you my story that’s why I have joined this community though and obviously to learn from you all. And It goes like this … So I’ve been to Coaching Classes way back in 2015 for an entrance exam though I’ve cleared it and make my mark but isn’t about that ugh. Actually it’s about a girl I’ve found which stole my heart. I’m amazed to saw the beauty like her and she is actually a bubbly and cheerful person as well. So obviously it’s something which we all craving for like in person. And One day I’ve gather all the strength and courage to have a Conversation with her though I’ve made it and she also take all my Conversations with open arms which is also a thing to die for. So it went up for like a week but i didn’t had the courage to ask for her number because say i was shy person and that thing hurts me the most. And then One day when I went to the classes like the same thing but that day is the fucking day of my life and Suddenly my heartbeat stops for a Sec because I’ve heard from my friend that she left the Course. I’m devastated and broken because I know it’s not the way I’ve been thinking for so long. It’s been Five Fucking years and I’m still thinking that maybe I will found her and told her everything which i deep buried in my heart. And then Suddenly I’ve found her in a Social app and I’ve message her but she didn’t respond and I’m trying to help her recognize me but I think the whole scenario has changed now. I don’t know what happen in those five fucking years but one thing which makes me paranoid is what if She’ll get married not with me but with someone else. I don’t know but in all my 25 years of life I’ve never saw a girl like her. I’m also working in a reputed firm where my female Colleague wants to sleep with me and even my HR too. In this world where people used to enjoy their lives and teens used to sleep with each other just to loose their VIRGINITY. A 25 year old is still Virgin not because girls haven’t approached me or something but a dream which always remember me of her though I know it’s very hard to know if she will recognize me in the future but I will try till my last breath or else I will not live anymore because life without her is meaningless or worthy full.
That’s all from my side hope to get your Views in that

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hi, that’s a really sweet story. I would just say that do try to talk to her now and try to remind her of how you were in the same class. But don’t tell her about your feelings right now, first try to get close to her as a friend, let her open up to you and then slowly and gradually tell her that you like her. A lot of things change in 5 years, maybe she has changed too so after getting to know her, maybe you realise that this is not what you want. All the best!


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