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So, I have this friend. I call him every single day and we’re always talking and we enjoy each other’s presence a lot. We always hug, and we both think of each other as the cutest people in our friend group. We’re both sort of obsessed with each other, there doesn’t go a day where I don’t at least call him but we always try to hangout in real life, but ever since this whole corona thing it has been hard. So we’ve just both been posting about how much we love the other on our spam accounts, messaging each other daily, etc, and… I’ve had feelings for him before all of this, but I can’t help but wonder if he feels the same…? We call each other the love of our lives, and soulmates, and we always tell each other we love each other… We’ve been friends for five years, knowing each other since he was 12 and I was 14… I honestly can’t tell at this point if it’s just us being close friends but literally as soon as I wake up I talk to him, and he does the same when he wakes up and then we fall asleep on call together. Is it normal for friends to be this preoccupied with each other? Am I imagining that he could possibly feel the same…? I really like him, but even though we’re always talking to each other and we always hug we’re both awkward at talking about our emotions and how we truly feel. I’m just so confused.

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Before taking any decision think
•If he is committed to some one else or not
•whether you will proceed your relationship with this guy till the marriage on future
•is he really committed person / being in relationship kind of guy.
•are u really wanna go in relationship.

If not then don’t do it.
Just bcos this Corona thing so many things comes in mind ,we feel lonely inside bcos we are not busy.give some time to ur self.

If u propose him ur frndship might not be same as before.
If you really wanna ask him …

You can say him this way.
1.{I am feeling for u this way …bla bla…might be this feeling will end soon . O donno how will u react but I thought I should chest my off }

If his reaction was negative then just tell him that “I was just joking, who will going to propose u.”

Whatever be the result negative or positive
Be gracefully be a lady.

Best of luck .😊


A boy and a girl can be best friends. And this is one of the best relationship I could say. Everything begins with friendship, even love. You have said that you both are obsessed with each other, which for me I feel that your relationship is moving towards love. But since you are so close with him there is nothing wrong in asking him if he does feel the same or not. Keeping your emotions within you for a long time is not good. So go ahead and express it bravely.
Have a good time.


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