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So, i have been in a relationship for about 10 months now ,and my girlfriend is really awesome but i just have one problem that is her male friends . Every time i saw her she just hangsout with her male friends , and i don’t have a problem with that but those friends of her they flirt a lot to her and they try to get close to her and to end my relationship with her. Even after telling her that her friends intention aren’t right don’t hangout with them , she just don’t listen to me .
should i end the relationship or just take a break .?

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Don’t break your relationship by any chance


As u have mentioned the tag of insecurity u can talk to her face to face and explain her that how u feel
Well many girls have flirty guy friends but believe me many girls don’t have any intention to make them boyfriend and they make them friends only for fun talk

Muskan @idkyaaar

Talk to your partner
There are 2 things here one is their intentions and other is your insecurity explain her both calmly and see what conclusion you both come on


🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😒🙄bro m sorry…but feels like scolding you Alotttttt!!!
Seee if you gonna say such stuff about her friends anyway she will get more defensive, feel bad…n it even potraits you being over possesive.
Let go the insecurities na … She is your Girlfriend not thrs! Trust her buddy


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