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So I have a crush on this boy… and he is very attractive… I’ve liked him for a while now and it’s getting deeper… i don’t talk to him cuz we don’t have any classes together and he’s always with his friends and his friends aren’t very nice … I don’t know if he’ll ever like me cuz I’m black and I don’t know if he’s into black girls (he’s white)
He knows I like him cuz someone I hate told him but he hasn’t said anything to me and he just stares at me…
I really like this guy but I don’t know if I want a relationship… I don’t really know what to do about these feelings. What do I do?

2 replies

you fear confessing it to him ?
even if it has no outcomes and rejection
confessions always helps one feel better


Ideally you at that stage in life where you expect love from another person… However if you consider yourself low in terms in your color tone how can anyone else love you for what you are?
Believe in yourself first and love yourself for whatever you are and the thought of your skin color won’t matter anymore… speaking about the guy… If he isn’t approaching you… breathe it out and approach him first to be friends and know him as well and you might receive all your answer… It’s all about learning remember that.


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