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Melody Hillard @moonneko

So I don’t know how this place works but maybe I can just use it to speak my thoughts into the world and feel better to get it out of my system.

I have had a really rough time the last 3 years. It’s been three years since I moved back home, 3 years since I left the worst most abusive toxic relationship I had ever been in. 3 years of trying to find myself of trying to convince myself at my age there’s still hope and I won’t be alone forever. That’s a really really REALLY hard thing to do? Have you ever found yourself almost 40 alone? Alone with no friends with no significant other and living back at home? Welcome to my world.

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Hey, it is obvious to feel lonely at times but imagine you still have a purpose to fulfill and that it to get better than yesterday.

You have been through a lot, I am sure. I too had a toxic relationship. It has been 2yrs and I still don’t see myself recovering from that trauma.
But in all the misery you are not looking on the brighter side.
We are going through a pandemic. You have come so far, you will sail through this as well.

You are here, vent it out. Speak your mind and focus on your growth.
Set objectives. Small objectives.
Start taking care of yourself in a way you have never done.
Till the time you find your partner, focus your energy on self love.

Your time is too precious to be wasted.

Best wishes :)


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