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So i come canada and meet one girl in neighborhood. We become the best friends. We hang out together, play basketball, study and go the gym together sometimes. Recently i moved to a new place and it’s not the same anymore. I tried so hard to keep it together but I don’t think it’s the same from the other side. What should i do ? Should i stop talking to her or let it going like where we see each other stories but don’t talk to each other and even if we do it just ends up in a bad vibe.

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jaedon @jaedon

I mean if u know in ur heart she worth it then don’t just let it die out give yourself a bit more time tell her how u feel and if she don’t feel the same at least u have ur answer and can let it go and find someone who’s worth ur while and will think about u the way u think about her


I have a girlfriend but i want her back as friends that we were before

jaedon @jaedon

Then maybe that’s the reason it ain’t the same but u could try telling her that too nothing wrong with being real about it

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Then maybe that’s the reason it
ain’t the sam…
I told her i wanted to talk and
asked her to meet. Then when
we met things got weird. I asked
her either to be like before or
disappear from my life and block
me from everywhere. She said
she will let me know as she
needed time to think. The next i
dont receive a response from her
neither has she blocked me. It is
giving me anxiety.

Anuj Patel @ap8171

If you have a car. You can ask her out on the weekend and spend sometime and then you can express your feelings.


It’s not like that. I have a girlfriend that she’s aware about. But i want us to be friends just good friends as we were before.

Anuj Patel @ap8171

You want that its alright, but at the same time you should not have expectation for someone to stay with you in the certain matter to be honest. You will be happy if you keep less expectations from people in general.


I guess you are right


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