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So I came across a social media account of a guy I knew during my school days… And looking at his recent feeds and way of posting which doesn’t match anywhere near the guy I remembered him as, really reminded me of this another guy I was previously in a relationship with because of the resemblance of the nature of posts. I couldn’t believe I was with someone like him, and the sheer disbelief made me interested or curious to go through the chats we used to have in whatsApp once ago. And mannn… It made me cringe so hard 🥲🥲… To think I’m that same girl.

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What’s cringe? You were in love. As simple as that.


Jab pyar hota hai tab sab acha lagne lagta hai lekin phir usi ko dekh kar sochte hai ki ek samay mai aisa bhi tha 😅


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