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stephanie @neppas84

So I been with my boyfriend for 10 years now and here lately it’s like he can’t stand me. He stays in a separate room from time he gets home from work till he goes back to work next morning…and tonight he actually gets in bed we argued over ice cream so he said he hates me wishes I was dead lazy bitch…idk what to do I’m crying and needed to vent. Idk what to do anymore I’m stuck here I don’t have any where else to go and he says he wants me to get out constantly what should I do. Part of me wants to hurt him like I’m hurt but I can’t stoop that low

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Sneha Naik @blissful_flag

Stuff that icecream on his face and run. Who the hell is he to make you feel low ?? Girl, you are strong. Have your worth. No need to hang on to him. Pamper yourself then see kaise aag lagti hai uske ego ko.

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anuj @anujvohra

Then move out fro some time and see how it works. It.will be tough but give a try

stephanie @neppas84

Thanks for the responses y’all I truly appreciate it…things are a little bit better now than what it was earlier, I just have been ignoring things I know it’s not healthy but I gotta get up in an hour at 430am

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anuj @anujvohra

Yes hopefully it will be better.


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