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Long Distance RelationshipThought


So… I am in relationship…
And my partner is not giving me enough time …
even after asking her a lot of time she dont share anything anymore to me.
At this point of time i thought that I don’t have any more value in her life…
so i asked her directly,
and as expected I didn’t have a value anymore.
And now a days we don’t talk or text very frequently though.
If i call her she won’t pick my calls.!!
if i text her she won’t reply in time…!!
she will reply to my messages after hours. like 6-7 hrs …
sometimes even days…
i think she is loosing interest in me …
or she already did… i don’t know…

And yet she says she loves me …

i don’t feel like to be in this relationship anymore.
But i do love her 😔❤️

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She already did and if the relationship is hollow then how can you fix it…
Just leave it and go ahead


Maybe she’s busy with work or studies?

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Ameer Shaikh @ameer_shaikh

No ones ever they busy


Hey, Are you okay ? How long have you been stuck with


Am not okay yet.
am still at that position.
it has been two weeks now .
And still no contacts yet.
messages are being delivered but no replies , I hav been calling her but she isn’t picking up.
we are in long distance relationship .
Don’t know what should i do now .


I’m really sorry to hear that i have been stuck with that too. It hurts i know but the most important thing it’s your mental The situation like this it’s killing you from inside Idk how that you can be there stuck with her. I hope the situation qill be fine asap.

Do you wanna share or wanna talk about that ,if you want and feel comfort

Sanket @sanket

To be precise, be distant and start accepting the worst


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