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So I am in a relationship it’s been 4 months with him we genuinely love each other but then in these past months I didn’t realise and neglected his services and good deeds fro me a several times not that they were intentional but it just happened he’s really been lovely to me but now that it has been too much on his plate as in my behaviour towards him he feels i have kept people before him and have not keep a check on him according to him I am People’s pleaser he also says that he has given his all and neglected fam for me he feels really bad rn and is just not ready to accept that he is priority and others come after him like now if I am in my college group I am scared to socialize what if he feels bad that I am not giving him time he feels i talk to people more easily and i have topics with them to talk on and not with him also he always feels i like people more than him that’s absolutely wrong I am always concerned about him and i do love him I will loose him if i want prove him wrong he’s been there for me no one has and no one has loved me like him he is now very pissed at me like from the past one week he’s blunt you did this that and he is just waiting that I prove him wrong if not we shall apart I so want to but I feel again unintentionally I do some small mistake and that’s caught and ruins every good thing I have done please help me guys!

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