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Aarnavi21 @aarnavi21

So… I am here after a very very long time. I was here when i was low. Now I’m okay. I’m doing good. And I’m extremely happy to say that. Because i had never thought i would go through so much and still feel better.I’m happy for the maturity and positivity that I’ve got.
But problems never end. And that’s life.
I’ve so much to say. Literally so much. But time. Time constraint. That’s the major issue.
I’m happy to have found this app. To speak my mind and heart out.
Its really hard to boytle up emotions and still look okay. I’ve been suppressing it from a long long time. And i seem to have been done with it. There are a lot of things that I’m unsure about, insecure about.
One thing I’ve gotten wigh patience and maturity is Anxiety. Idk why. I wasn’t that anxious before. But now every small thing freaks me out. I hope i get over it soon.
I’m filled with positivity now.
And to all those who are in thier lower phase. Guys, don’t lose hope. Keep going and going and going. Even if it difficult. This too shall pass. And when you look back youll definitely be proud of yourself. Make sure you don’t forget to love yourself. Proritise yourself.
With love,

I know this is too random. Pardon me😅.

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Aarnavi21 @aarnavi21

Thank you for saying that😊❤️


Ye dekh kr acha laga ki ap apne apko change Krke positive vibes ke sath aage badh rahi ho…🙂

Aarnavi21 @aarnavi21


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Sanya O. @sanya_oberoi

This is so good. Happy for you!


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