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So… I am 16. And I started my first job ever. In cafe. See, that’s good, my sister also worked there. But it just scares me. A lot. This week i had my first 2 shifts and well… On both of them there was someone to teach me. The first one was alright I think. Tho I am very slow and very stressed in the beginning of it. The second one was scary. Cause I made some mistakes (few) and I didn’t know some things. Maybe really dumb and obvious things, but I just didn’t know. And my boss always tells me to ASK. Everything. So I asked and the girl I asked basically just asked me back if I am dumb or what and somehow didn’t want to help me. And I think that’s what stressed me the most. I even left the shift 2,5 hour sooner (cause I could). Now I am so scared and stressed about any other shift.

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protegogeek @protegogeek

Hey I am sorry to hear that you had a very first hard day… In the beginning everything seems uncertain and unknown and because of that anxiety we tend to make more mistakes…cuz I have been through the same… and whenever I start something new I just make some new insignificant mistakes…honestly you just have to show up and don’t give up …and that can be the hardest thing to do but do it …and maybe that girl was just having a bad and maybe she was not but give her the benefit of doubt for your sake cuz then you won’t feel so bad …and your boss is right ask …be annoying and dumb if you have to cuz no one is going to go out of their way to teach you …you have to learn it yourself in the real world and it’s so great your starting out so young so it’s okay take a deep breath …apologise and do it again


Thank you so much for your kind words<3 it encouraged me, tho i’m still really nervous about it. But it made me feel better…

rose l @nothorns

you’re always better off asking questions than you are messing up in my opinion. just take it slow and try your best :) it is your first job after all


That’s what i think too. But it’s hard to ask when some of them almost expect me to know everything already. Thank you<3

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Prabhakar M N @mnpsatan13

In professional life, you must two kinds of people. One who want to help you, guide you and who want you to succeed. The second type is the opposite. Always listen to the former and spend more time with them. Don’t give much weightage for the latter. Focus on improvement and emancipation


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